What to do in Bonn…

Bonn offers a plethora of activities for visitors to explore.  They range from the Haribo candy store to museum tours to meanderings through the botanical gardens that encompass the Popplesdorfer Palace.  Interestingly enough, the palace was constructed for nearly a half century in the 1700’s, designed by a French architect.  However, in 1818, Bonn University absorbed the palace and surrounding park, which now places an important role in the research of evolutionary history of plants and cataloging of plant biodiversity.  The botanical gardens house over 5,000 species of plants (combining the outdoors and green houses) including the world’s tallest flower at the height of about 10 feet!

Moving away from nature’s beauty to the sweet tooth’s haven, Haribo is a confectionery company that began in 1922.   Their journey to celebrity status was the invention the gummy candy by Hans Riegal Sr., nonetheless gummy bear (Can you imagine life without gummy bears?!?!).  Today it remains one of the largest jelly and gummy manufacturers in the world with 18 factories throughout Europe and sales offices in many countries worldwide.  Hmmm Hmmm sugar!
Next week, we’ll cover more destinations, such as the local museums and Beethoven Haus. Auf  wiedersehen!

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  1. Lindsey

    Haribo gummy bears are soooo gooood!

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