Cheeky Bum, Bonn.

Beneath the Kennedy Bridge, on the Bonn side, you will find The Bröckemännchen. The Brückenmännche is a figure of a man pointing his bottom at Beuel – the city on the other side of the Rhine. From the Roman times up to the arrival of the Prussians, the Rhine had no crossing but in the 19th Century the Kennedy Bridge was build. The citizens of Beuel refused to pay their share of the construction costs, so only the city of Bonn paid for it, in turn, erecting the statue on the bridge in revenge. Interestingly enough, the original Bröckemännche was rescued after the Second World War, when the bridge was bombed, and it can still be seen on the wall of Ristorante Rossi. Even today, the two sides poke fun at each other for living “on the wrong side of the Rhine.” Another fun fact – a copy was made of the original figure, but this time his bottom pointed towards Frankfurt instead of Beuel.  The message being “We got capital city status – not you!”.

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  1. Jorg Vianden

    See how much I know as an original Bonner….never knew that figure existed. We make plenty fun of the folks from the “wrong” side of the Rhine, but the “Maennchen” is news to me :)

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